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Royce Silver Bra

I thought I”d start the bra reviews with the Royce Silver as this is the first bra I purchased.

royce silver - frontRoyce Silver - rear view

The Silver was recommended to me via a breast cancer support forum as being particularly useful immediately post-surgery. I reviewed it using the following criteria:

  • Comfort
  • Sizing and fit
  • Suitability
  • Quality of manufacture
  • Appearance
  • Price and availability

Marks out of 5 are given for all products.

So let’s start with the first point: level of comfort. This is a front-fastening, deep bra which is seam-free to prevent chafing healing wounds. I found it very comfortable to wear, so much so that even though it was a bit pricey I bought a second one. The bra is made from X-Static, a fibre which has a very high silver content making it highly anti-microbial reducing the risk of post-op infections. You can read more about the fabric here – . This felt smooth and soft against my skin and didn’t rub my healing mastectomy wound. I wore this bra for most of my 8 week recovery period particularly towards the end when I was going out and wanted something soft and comfortable that would also hold a prosthesis. Comfort – 5/5

Next up is sizing and fit. Whilst the bra itself was comfortable even the smallest size was still too large for me but not so large that it put me off buying it. This will be a continuing issue across most of my bra reviews but for now suffice it to say that although the bra wasn’t exactly my size, it was a good enough fit that made it comfortable to wear but I would have been happier if it came in a smaller size. Sizing and fit – 4/5

Suitability is an easy one to answer as the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ This bra was designed particularly with mastectomy patients in mind and some thought has gone into making this very post-op friendly. To start with is the fact that is front opening with pop fasteners making it easy to get undone when you have lack of movement in your arm after surgery. It also means that when doctors and nurses need to inspect or dress the would, the bra can be opened easily and with little discomfort. The bra comes with pockets on both sides making easy to pop in a ‘softie’ prosthesis to give you balance whilst healing. The other thing I like is that the straps are wide and adjustable with velcro which made it very easy to get a good, comfortable fit. Suitability – 5/5

Quality of manufacture – this is a superior product that is extremely well-made and robust. I still wear it occasionally and it has served the test of time as it’s still in excellent condition even though it has been washed very frequently. Quality of manufacture – 5/5

Appearance-wise I don’t anyone is going to give it an award for stylishness. However looks aren’t everything and I can forgive a plain look when something is functional and comfortable. A variety of colours might help with this or at least some nude colours to reduce its visibility under clothes at a time when most of us are feeling very vulnerable and self-conscious about the loss of one or both breasts. Appearance – 3/5

Pricing really is a case of you pay for what you get. This bra is not cheap coming in at around £30-£35 a price that puts it out of the range of many women. You are paying for both the brand and the quality of manufacture but even so if it were £10 cheaper I think it would sell much better as more women could afford it. I splurged on buying this bra as I couldn’t find anything else even remotely suitable due to the limited purchase options where I live. I wanted to be able to try it on rather than have the hassle of buying online and returning it when I had other more pressing things on my mind. As for availability; Royce has its own website – and the Silver is stocked by a wide range of specialist outlets so it is relatively easy to buy. Price 3/5 Availability 5/5

Overall average is 4/5

Aside from the issues about price and fit for smaller sizes which were my main gripes, I would heartily recommend this bra as ideal both for whilst you are in hospital and in the weeks that follow when you are recovering and healing from surgery. If you can afford it then I can recommend investing in one.



  1. It is true that underwired bras CAN restrict lymphatic health. I really think that lots of women would also be pleasantly surprised to try a supportive wire-free bra and discover that it’s comparable in comfort to an underwired one!


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