The Blue Fairy's Breast Cancer Blog

It’s been a while

There have been some ups and downs in recent times and plenty of general life stuff that has got in the way of things like blogging. Next year however things will be quieter so I will be able to pick it up again and post more regularly.

One of the main developments is that after a false alarm over bone mets and my rapidly diminishing bone density, I have been put on 4-weekly infusions of Zolodronic Acid partly to help with the osteoporosis but also as a prophylactic regarding bone mets. This has had a significant effect on my day-to-day health as it has really ramped up the amount of fatigue I have to cope with but better that than the alternative. I’ve also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip which is proving to be a saga all of its own and which I will talk about in more detail in another post.

I saw my (new) oncologist 10 days ago and this morning I had a letter confirming what had been discussed but  it also had a bit of a surprise in it. He said that he’d been reviewing my notes back from when I was diagnosed and noticed a mistake on the summary of the lab report I was given following my surgery. I was told that all 5 tumours were Stage 2 when in fact 3 of them were actually Stage 3! This is why I was given such aggressive treatment and why they’ve been continuing to monitor me so closely. It was part of the reason why I was offered extended hormone treatment, along with the fact that I only ended up having half the planned chemo before it was stopped. The letter was extremely apologetic but stressed that whilst I didn’t have that information, I was treated in accordance with it, so it doesn’t change anything from that perspective.

No wonder I’ve been a bit puzzled as to why everyone keeps telling me that I’d been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer!

I always knew that Invasive Lobular Carcinoma was a more serious type of breast cancer than invasive ductal or ductal/lobular in situ but Stage 2 is not anything like as serious as Stage 3. This, in conjunction with the fact that it had made it into all but two of my lymph nodes, explains a great deal and is obviously why everyone is so pleased that I’ve beaten the odds to get this far. I am one very lucky woman, especially when you consider that I’ve lost friends along the way who had a much better initial prognosis than I did.

Definitely a reason for counting one’s blessings in the week that marks 6 years since my diagnosis.


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