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In which I get angry and depressed in equal measures!

A couple of days ago  I read this post on a friend’s blog – It sums up perfectly everything I think is wrong with how much of the world views Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This is the image that started it all on Instagram.

What I find incredibly depressing is that this image has been doing the rounds on Facebook as something incredibly clever and daring. Sorry folks but it’s neither, in fact it’s tasteless, tacky, trashy, incredibly tactless and down right insulting! Did nobody stop and think that those of us dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis might not want or be able to ‘set the tatas free’? Nope, they didn’t!

I no longer have a pair of breasts and for various reasons, it’s unlikely that I ever will now so that’s it’s first black mark. Then there is the fact that my post-mastectomy chest is so painful I take morphine daily to cope with it. Most days I’m lucky if I can bear to wear a stretchy comfort bra, so there’s strike two. Strike three is really the worst of the lot – October 13 is dedicated to raising awareness for Metastatic Breast Cancer, not something that should be ‘celebrated’ or ‘supported’ by something so ridiculous and thoughtless.

I am both angry and depressed that October sees a plethora of such gimmicks and in recent years I have noticed an ever-widening gap between the realities of cancer and the stunts that are suppose to raise awareness of it. Worst of all is the fact that tactless, insensitive crap like the photo above is being propagated by intelligent women who appear to struggle to see beyond the pink mist that is currently shrouding the real issues that need addressing. I have been shocked by the number of times I have been accused of being either a kill-joy or oversensitive because I have aired my dislike of such rubbish. I’m neither, instead I am a woman struggling to live a life blighted by the UK’s largest cause of cancer deaths among women – breast cancer. Not fluffy, not pink but deadly – not much to laugh about is there?

Here’s a thought – how about instead of taking your bra off for the day,  you donate some money to a cancer charity and help make a real difference!



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    • Indeed! Thank you for your comment and the reblog.

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  3. I am grateful that you survived to voice your opinion, that you live in a society where you are free to voice this opinion and my fervent hope is that you continue to live a long and happy life. Your breasts never did define you and their absence never will. Peace.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. Every day I give thanks for being here and for being able to share my story, when so many cannot.

  4. I really do see where you’re coming from with this being so offended, and I am kinda too, so it makes sense. They basically told me awhile ago since my whole family has had breast cancer (BRAC 1 and 2 positive) I’m next in line, so yeah, it is insensitive. But people are usually insensitive. That’s what Healthy People With Less Problems are known for. I think this is kinda their was of yet again insensitively showing they kinda car while kinda not doing anything to inconvenience themselves too much. Like buying Victoria’s Secret underwear because it says fucking PINK on the goddamn ass.


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